Sick of the Queensland heat making you, your family or your staff grumpy?

Most Gold Coasters love the tropical paradise we call home … until it gets hot.

Then the complaining starts: “It’s soooo hot”, “don’t you have air conditioning?” or “Muuuum (or Daaaad), why don’t we have air conditioning?”. It’s enough to make you break out in a sweat.

And if you’re already feeling the heat, can you tell it’s getting hotter each year?  Climate statistics tell us we’ve had three of the hottest years on record in the past five years, with predictions of higher temperatures to come.

Maybe like a lot of people, you’ve looked at air conditioning before but it was confusing and too hard. Or maybe you just weren’t sure who to trust installing electrical equipment in your home or business.

It’s no wonder, because an unqualified installer can cost you money in extra power bills or reinstalling a new system, cause mould to grow from leaks, create electrical safety issues, and also result in an ugly looking install in your home or business.

Another summer is on the way.  Don’t spend it feeling grumpy because you’re too hot. Call the Your Choice Air Conditioning Gold Coast team now.

Don’t spend another summer going troppo. It’s Lucy and the Your Choice team to the rescue.

Air Conditioning the Easy-Peasy, Breezy Way

Getting the perfect air conditioning for your Gold Coast unit, townhouse, home or business shouldn’t be hard. That’s why Lucy (CCO – Chief Cooling Officer) and the Your Choice team have made it easy for you:

Select your Space

Choose from either:

Professional for a small dwelling, Home for a family of four or more, or Business for between 5 and 50 staff

Contact Your Choice Air

Call our cool customer service team  to book in a cooling consultant to arrange visit and create a custom cool plan for your unit, townhouse, home or business – just one call does it all!

Select a Package

Based on your cooling needs and budget, choose from the: Smart Saver, Cool Comfort or Lucy’s Luxe Package. See Our Packages

Stay Cool This Summer

Once our professional team have installed your new system, your family will be enjoying the benefits of staying cool during the hot summer months!

Lucy and the Your Choice Air Conditioning team to the rescue, with a range of easy-peasy,  breezy packages to suit your unit, townhouse, home or business | Your Choice Air Conditioning Gold Coast

Here’s why Your Choice Air is the right choice!

By choosing us for your air conditioning, you’ll be dealing with a local team – everyone from the cooling consultant, installation technician and our customer service team are all located on the Gold Coast.

That means we know the city, including the hot spots, and can provide a high-quality install with trusted professionals and a high level of service throughout your whole experience with us.

At Your Choice Air, we make it easy for you to choose from a range of high-quality air conditioning systems and get yours installed fast, all while you save money and time. You can rest assured we’ve done the hard work to choose and only offer you the best quality air conditioning systems that use the latest technology to make them eco-efficient and easy to use. We exclusively offer you smart technology, which means you have control from your mobile phone, allowing you to set timers, turn on or switch off your air con remotely and monitor your usage online.

To help you save even more money on your power bill, the Your Choice team also offers quality solar designed to suit your home or business – click here to find out more or talk to our friendly team

Quality Equipment

Rest assured knowing that our team have chosen the best quality, high performance, eco-friendly smart equipment including your choice of Mitsubishi Electric, Haier, Toshiba, Samsung or Fujitsu

Qualified Technicians

Our installers are fully trained, experienced and ARCtick-certified in air conditioning and electrical installation, ready to answer your questions and always clean up after their work

Professional Advice

Every home or business is different, so our ARCtick-certified team takes the time to tailor the right solution to your space and budget

Save Money

Reduce your power bills with a system designed to efficiently cool your space, with the ability to control your system remotely

Don’t sweat through another summer wishing you had aircon. Lucy and the team are here to help you stay cool, the easy-peasy, breezy way.

Meet Lucy ( And the Team)

Meet Lucy, our CCO (Chief Cooling Officer) and the Your Choice Air Conditioning team, your Gold Coast team of cooling specialists

At Your Choice Air Conditioning Gold Coast, we’ve done the research for you to find the best split and ducted quality air conditioning systems that are also easy to use.

All of the air conditioning systems and equipment in our range use the latest smart technology, helping you save money and allowing you to control the temperature from wherever you are, all from your mobile phone.

We offer a range of packages to suit your space and budget, with a friendly, professional team to answer your questions and help you choose or tailor the right solution to meet your needs.

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“Thank you for your excellent service.. Great product, professional installation team and a job very well done.. We couldn’t thank Your Choice Air enough for our new air-con system.. Highly recommended to our family and friends!”

Teagan Patrick

These guys are amazing! Great price and service. The team in the office are easy to contact and more than willing answer all of my questions! I was always kept up to date with what was happening and made the whole process very easy. Thanks guys!

Kenneth Soto

“You guys are great. Thank you for installing our air conditioner at such short notice. We highly recommend you guys for air conditioning. Thanks again!.”

Neha Clarkson